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What is Geraldo Reports?

Geraldo is a reports engine for Python or Django applications. It uses the power of ReportLab to generate reports with page header and footer, child bands, report begin and summary bands, agreggation and graphic elements, etc.

Why should I know it?

Reports are the eyes of business - specially for the chairmans - and the web is the obvious desination for all corporate softwares, like ERPs, CRMs, etc. The cloud is here and there, so, make sense you should know a good reporting engine to make your reports on the web, and on the cloud.

How can I get help?

Join one of our mailing lists or just contact us.

Why "Geraldo"?

By the way, "Geraldo" is the name of some recognized jazz/bossa/whatever musicians, but, sincerely, "Geraldo" has been chosen because "Zambrota" would be weird, you know... so, "Geraldo" is nice.

*New! Release 0.4-final is available on PyPi and SourceForge files repository!

Geraldo is not dependent of anyone specific Python framework. You can use it in standalone desktop applications and web applications. It is platform independent and will work well in Linux, Mac or Windows in the most of available versions and editions.

Geraldo is under LGPL 3.0 (Lesser Gnu Public License) and you are free do download, copy, distribute and modify with no needs to pay nothing to nobody, since you respect the license terms.

You can find example codes using Geraldo Reports, you can look in the package the directory 'test' and you will find dozens of them. You can find examples also on examples documentation.

News about GSOC 2011

We are applying Geraldo for Google Summer of Code 2011. So, now have a IRC channel at #geraldo-reports and an Ideas List.

You can also take a look at who is using Geraldo, if you aren't in that list, contact us to update the list with your name.

We also moved our tickets system to GitHub, take a look at our community section to learn more about it.

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